So you’re eyeing some California Dirt, but you’re unsure of your size. This guide is here to help you find the right fit the first time around.


The most accurate and easy way to measure the size of any finger is by using a ring sizer, which you can order from us here.

If you already have any rings that fit well you can measure their inside diameter and reference a US ring size chart. Using millimeters for rings can help ensure a more accurate measurement.

If you want to find your ring size from scratch  you can use the following paper strip method. 

Cut a strip of paper that’s long enough to wrap around your finger. Wrap it very snug along the desired finger over the knuckle. Mark where the end of the paper overlaps. Flatten the strip along a ruler to take its measurement. Use this circumference to find your ring size on a US size chart. 




To size yourself for bracelets or necklaces, you can either measure existing jewelry you have or use the string method. Take note of product descriptions when choosing a necklace length as some are designed to fit as chokers. 

String method: wrap a piece of string around your wrist or neck, holding it at your desired fit or length. Cut the string or keep it pinched, then measure its length with a ruler. 

Note: measuring your wrist for a bracelet, we recommend giving the string a bit of slack for a more comfortable fit.